• ADM's Brian Donnelly Presents: The Smoking Gun in Your Pocket--Smart Phone Problems and Solutions

Unfathomable megabytes of data are created every minute by people using their smart phones. With the ability to communicate in a split second, whether it be through text message, social media or just over the phone, the ability for smart phones to not only store, but also organize all of your day-to-day tasks and activities not only creates interesting consequences for litigation and discovery, but also implicates ethical questions regarding the scope of discovery and relevance in the courtroom. Attendees will leave with a practical and applicable understanding of data storage, data usage, and the implications of user dependency. They will also gain understanding of the ramifications of smart phones on daily practice and the greater legal landscape. We will specifically discuss how the data on smart phones and other Internet enabled devices can be used in defending cases in the retail,restaurant and hospitality industry.