School District Liability

ADM's School District Group represents numerous school districts in personal injury cases relating to the broadest spectrum of cases brought on behalf of students, parents, athletes, employees and the general public   A sample of the matters handled by ADM include sexual and physical assaults, wrongful death claims, security claims, exposure claims involving lead and other contaminants, fear of AIDS, herpes and other diseases, premises liability matters, automobile cases, injuries occurring during athletic events, playground accidents, failure to properly supervise claims, and cases alleging civil rights violations.  The civil rights cases include claims of violations of Title VII, ADEA and the ADA, litigated in the State and Federal Courts as well as before administrative agencies including the EEOC and the State Division of Human Rights.

Attorneys handle their cases from the notice of claim stage to the ultimate resolution of the case. While many cases are resolved through motion practice, mediation/arbitration and settlements, the group has taken many verdicts in this area.

When there is a significant incident or potential for a claim, ADM has been involved in the early stages of the investigation to ensure that the school district's defenses and evidence are preserved for litigation. This has allowed for the development of a strong working relationship with many of our school district clients who have been represented by ADM for many years.