Dental Malpractice

As part of the Healthcare Litigation Group, ADM's Dental Malpractice Group is headed up by John A. McPhilliamy, D.D.S.  This group is responsible not only for civil actions brought against dentists in both the State and Federal Court system, but also represents them in claims brought by the State administrative agencies, such as the New York State Department of Education-Office of Professional Discipline and the New York Human Rights Commission as well as in peer review matters.

Dr. McPhilliamy regularly lectures to and makes presentations at local and international dental societies, as well as to professional liability carriers and dental schools as part of their risk management seminars. In addition to handling civil claims involving dental malpractice, the group also handles matters before the New York Office of Professional Discipline, Human Rights Commission and claims involving medical malpractice and allied health and long-term care facility malpractice.

ADM handles dental malpractice claims in all New York and New Jersey jurisdictions. The dental clients are comfortable with the fact that their attorneys include a dentist-attorney, who has an exceptional working knowledge of the field of dentistry and who will take their case from inception to ultimate resolution, including trial in any venue.