The attorneys at ADM are fully versed in the complex issues that arise in cases involving electronic discovery. Whether assisting your company to create and implement a sensible document retention policy, limit the scope of potentially responsive data or finding a more cost effective way to fulfill requests for electronically maintained records, ADM is fully prepared to meet your needs.

E-Discovery has become an increasingly costly area for businesses involved in litigation. When electronic discovery issues arise in your case, you simply do not have the time or money to waste on training your staff on the finer points of electronic discovery. ADM, through its fully accredited in-house continuing legal education program, routinely educates each of its lawyers on the latest trends and technology available in E-Discovery.

We also maintain relationships with leading E-Discovery consultants to assure that we are able to handle all electronic discovery issues that may arise in your case. This proactive approach assures that our attorneys are fully prepared to provide the most logical and cost effective means of meeting the electronic discovery needs of our clients.