Municipal Liability

ADM is actively engaged in representing various towns, villages, fire departments and other municipal entities with respect to a wide spectrum of negligence claims. In addition, the attorneys in the group also handle claims brought under Civil Rights Statutes, along with land use and environmental issues.

Robert J. Hindman, who heads up the group, has  extensive experience with respect to zoning issues that culminate in litigation. His practice has involved him in a number of high profile federal court actions including cases dealing with housing and employment related discrimination claims.

ADM's goal is to resolve the litigation in the most cost effective manner while still protecting the interests of our municipal clients. We are prepared to try cases at any level and have successfully argued in the Appellate Courts on behalf of our clients. The attorneys in the group are often called upon to meet with municipal officials to make presentations before the presiding body of the municipality.  ADM's representation also involves working closely with municipal legal departments to exchange ideas and to develop strategies which will result in a successful resolution.