Professional Liability

The Professional Liability Group of ADM represents a broad array of licensed professionals including architects and engineers, surveyors, home inspectors, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, attorneys, interior designers, landscape architects, construction consultants, fire protection consultants, mechanical consultants, title companies and other licensed professionals. 

ADM consistently provides high quality legal representation which has resulted in many long term relationships with insurance carriers that write professional liability policies, as well as with professionals who directly retain ADM. 

Immediately upon being retained, our attorney meets with the client which allows for the creation of an early litigation strategy and an evaluation of the case to determine if an early discontinuance is possible. Where circumstances warrant, motion practice prior to depositions is often utilized. Attempts are regularly made to bring questionable claims to a conclusion prior to engaging in protracted litigation. As early resolution of a case is often not attainable in the world of litigation, ADM has extensive experience in litigating these cases through all phases, including trials and appeals.  ADM also has a strong track record in the utilization of mediation and arbitration to bring cases to a successful conclusion.

Pre-litigation assistance is afforded to design professionals to resolve disputed issues and potential claims before they are placed into litigation.

The attorneys of ADM's Professional Liability Group are proud of their history of representing professionals and obtaining outstanding results on their behalf since the founding of ADM Firm more than seventy years ago.