Toxic Tort and Environmental

The Toxic Tort and Environmental Group at ADM has successfully represented manufacturers, professional firms, contractors, distributors, supply houses and site owners in cases involving various toxic tort and environmental claims, including: 

  • asbestos;
  • toxic mold;
  • "sick building" issues;
  • oil/chemical spills;
  • underground water contamination;
  • dry cleaning chemical leaks;
  • toussaint exposure;
  • sewage contamination;
  • smoke and Carbon monoxide exposure;
  • monokote exposure;  
  • toxic chemical spills; and
  • complex insurance coverage issues as they pertain to toxic tort claims.

ADM has been involved in the New York Asbestos Litigation for over 20 years through our representation of product manufactures, site owners, contractors and supply houses.  From the Powerhouse and Brooklyn Navy Yard litigation in the late 1980's to the current CMO directed in extremis trial system, ADM continues to play a major role in the litigation. Our detailed knowledge and familiarity with the plaintiff attorneys that represent the asbestos plaintiffs, along with the Judges assigned to handle these cases, allows us to meet the strategic needs and goals of the individual client

Our attorneys also have extensive experience in handling cases with the highest degrees of exposure in multi-party and complex class action suits.  We are presently engaged in the ongoing World Trade Center litigation. 

The attorneys of ADM are prepared to fully represent your interests in the most complex toxic tort and environmental matters.