• Dickerson Noel v. Oberman

Jennifer Casey and Kevin Langevin, of the firm's Albertson office, successfully obtained summary judgment dismissing plaintiff's complaint and all cross claim in a motor vehicle accident case.  This case arose out of a three vehicle chain reaction accident at a red light intersection.  Our client was the driver of a middle vehicle which was struck from behind and pushed into the rear of plaintiff's vehicle. 

We successfully argued that our client could not be held liable for the plaintiff's injuries because the rear-most vehicle in the accident failed to maintain a safe distance between his vehicle and our client's vehicle; thus causing the chain reaction. The co-defendant argued that our client had stopped too closely behind the rear of the plaintiff's vehicle and that tree limbs had obstructed his view of the traffic light at the intersection; however, the court determined that the co-defendant was unable overcome our prima facie case for his negligence. (July 2015).