• Ramirez v. Watts

Michael C. Salvo and Brendan P. Lanigan of our New Jersey office secured a dismissal of the Plaintiff's case, with prejudice, during the trial of this matter.  This case involved a trip and fall accident where the Plaintiff claimed that she suffered bi-lateral knee injuries requiring serious surgical intervention.

During the course of discovery, our office uncovered evidence of a subsequent incident that occurred just three weeks after the accident wherein the Plaintiff was assaulted and brutally kicked in both knees.  After confronting the Plaintiff with evidence of the assault during her deposition, she said she was never assaulted.  However, we ultimately obtained a police report relating to the assault and identified witnesses who testified that plaintiff was assaulted and brutally kicked in both knees.

Plaintiff failed to appear at trial, and after a brief hearing before Judge Leblon in Middlesex County, our request for a dismissal with prejudice was granted. (May, 2015).