Premises Liability

As a prominent civil litigation firm, ADM has long been the go-to firm in matters relating to litigation arising from the ownership or use of commercial or residential premises.  The Firm represents nationally known supermarkets, retail and restaurant chains, large shopping malls and commercial landlords, along with cases involving single family dwellings.

The issues involved in this type of litigation include security and assaults, notice, open and obvious conditions, trivial defects, hold harmless indemnity provisions of leases, the rights and duties of absentee landlords, recurrent conditions, assumption of risk, snow and ice conditions, and issues of third-party beneficiaries. The Firm aggressively evaluates and pursues indemnity claims, along with insurance procurement issues.

Although the emphasis of our representation centers on negligence-type claims, we also provide certain clients with representation before administrative agencies, landlord-tenant, and in criminal proceedings involving building and fire code violations.

As a service to our clients, we continually provide updates on changes in the law in this area and lecture frequently to our clients.