• ADM's Steve Zecca Obtains Defense Verdict in Construction Accident Case

Steve Zecca, a partner in ADM’s New York City office, recently obtained a defense verdict in a construction site accident case in Kings County.  The 56-year old Plaintiff was injured during the construction of an Express clothing store in a Yonkers Mall.  We represented a carpentry subcontractor who installed a temporary barricade in the front of the store.  The Plaintiff was in the process of removing a lock on the temporary barricade with a screw gun, and the temporary barricade tipped over and fell on him.  Plaintiff claimed significant injuries, and underwent three surgeries.  On a motion to reargue our summary judgment motion, Mr. Zecca successfully argued that our client owed no duty of care to the Plaintiff and the negligence claims against our client were dismissed.  The case proceeded to trial, with contractual claims against our client.  At trial, the defense argued that the Plaintiff, per testimony that he removed bracing from the temporary barricade himself, was the sole proximate cause of the accident.  The jury agreed, and returned a defense verdict after about 2 hours of deliberation.