• Jeffrey Hawkins Secures Pre-Jury Selection Motion to Dismiss in Catastrophic Brain/Spine Injury Case Venued in Supreme Court, Queens County

Jeffrey Hawkins of ADM’s New York City office proceeded to trial in Supreme Court, Queens County in April 2022 on behalf of our client, a large, national corporation and realty entity.  Also involved in the case was the co-defendant commercial tenant of our client’s property.

Plaintiff claimed that the premises, owned by our client, was in a defective condition resulting in significant injuries to her, including fractures to the skull and temporal bone; subdural hematoma; intracranial hemorrhages to the frontal, temporal, and parietal lobes; post-traumatic mastoid hemorrhage; numerous lumbar spinal injuries; and a traumatic brain injury resulting in the need for future neurosurgery, significant memory issues, hearing impairments, and multiple other cognitive deficits.

Prior to picking a jury on the date of trial, Jeff requested oral argument before the trial judge on a pre-jury selection motion to dismiss the claims against our client in their entirety, with prejudice.  That request was granted by the judge and, following oral argument, Jeff secured a dismissal of all claims against our client.  Additionally, he secured a ruling from the judge that all cross-claims against the co-defendant tenant for indemnification be severed and permitted to survive plaintiff’s trial against that tenant in order to recover attorneys’ fees