• Maureen Casey obtained a defense verdict in a slip and fall case.
ADM's Maureen Casey successfully represented a school district in a slip and fall case. Plaintiff, an 11th grade student, was attending a fair when she allegedly slipped and fell on water while returning to her seat.  Plaintiff also claimed prior spills in the area, and that the entire area was wet.  The school district acknowledged that there was a spill but that the custodian had been called and he mopped up the spill and put out wet floor signs. Although the area where the prior spill occurred and where Plaintiff fell were close in proximity, we argued that they were two different locations and that the district had no notice of the alleged second condition.  Plaintiff sustained a bimalleolar fracture of the ankle requiring plates and screws to repair and underwent two surgical procedures.  Against Plaintiff's demand of $350,000, the jury returned a defense verdict.