• Michael J. Lezamiz Obtains Summary Judgment in Supreme Court, Kings County

Michael J. Lezamiz, an associate in ADM’s New York City office, obtained Summary Judgment in a fall case allegedly caused by a defective chair. The Plaintiff entered our client’s Laundromat with a folding chair she found opened on the sidewalk and fell as she placed the chair within the Laundromat, causing injuries. Plaintiff sued our client claiming that it was responsible for the chair and that the client ought to have prevented this accident.

Mr. Lezamiz filed a Motion for Summary Judgment at the conclusion of discovery, arguing that the Laundromat did not own the chair and that, even if it did, the Plaintiff could not specifically identify what exactly was wrong with the chair. The Court granted the Motion and dismissed the action against our client upon a finding that the client was not negligent as a matter of law.